Makor Issues and Rights Ltd. was originally owned by Bank Leumi, the largest bank in Israel. The company's shares were registered on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and its main activity was in the field of financing.

In 1971 the company's control was transferred to a group of investors and subsequently all the commercial shares were withdrawn from the TASE market. Since then, Makor has switched the bulk of its activity to real estate development in Jerusalem.

In 1979 Makor acquired 22,000 square meters of land in the Bak'a district in Jerusalem, and built the Rose Garden neighborhood of 150 exclusive residential apartments. In 1984, after the project was completed, the Israeli Technion Institute granted it the title of one of the best 50 residential projects in Israel for the last 200 years.

Makor Issues and Rights Ltd. owns 568,000 square meters of land on Har Homa neighborhood in Jerusalem and has an option to buy additional 364,000 square meters there, a total of 932,000 sq. meters. Makor planned to build on this land 6,500 apartments, 3 hotels and shopping center in eight stages. The total sales volume was estimated to $1.5 Billion.

In 1991 the land in Har Homa owned by Makor was confiscated by the Israeli government for the same purpose, to build residential neighborhood. The company is entitled to receive just compensation.

Since then, Makor has successfully entered into the field of High - Tech Developments and became High-Tech Investment Company.


Makor Company has developed a new method and system for optimizing transportation route design ( US patent 6,996,507 ). Based on this method and system Makor developed the OptiRoads software that calculates automatically the minimal cost of project in compliance with standard specifications.

Traffic Jam application and Traffic Signals Timings Optimization

Makor has developed a mobile location and traffic jam application ( US patent 6,480,783 and US patent 6,615,130 ) that will provide mobile phone users the quickest route from journey starting point to destination taking into consideration real-time traffic jam conditions including corrections on demand based on driver current situation. Additional US patent 6,577,946 has been received for a new method of obtaining and continuously updating mobile location information, the information used as an input for the traffic jam guidance application, and US patent 6,901,264 has been received for a new method of determining mobile station positioning in cellular communication networks application. Additional application has been developed for Traffic Signals Timings Optimization.

Traffic Speed Detection Wireless Phone Network-Based System

Makor Company has developed a new method and system for automatic real time traffic speed detection based on wireless phone network capable of detecting a precise speed of the moving vehicle, comparing the received speed with the speed limit for the certain segment of road, determining if the vehicle is moving over the maximal speed limit and generating speeding violation ticket to the owner of the vehicle. This system utilizes a cell phone network in which the location data obtained from moving vehicles is collected continuously and input into the system. This eliminates the need for developing a dedicated mobile wireless information gathering fleet and other high cost devices requiring large capital investments and considerable work force. US patent 7,801,512 ).


Makor has developed an OptiRetailChain  a suite of retail optimization solutions, currently including an In-Store Advertising Optimization system for maximizing retail chain profitability through optimization of Point-Of-Purchase (POP) advertising and Per-Store Price Optimization software solution that enables retailers to make the most intelligent and profitable choices about pricing, markdowns/markups and their timing. An US patent 7,379,890 has been received for the Per-Store Price Optimization software solution while there is a patent pending for the In-Store Advertising Optimization system

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