Israel-Palestine-Jordan Confederation Confederation

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Seek Peace and Pursue It
(Psalms 34:15)

       The way to bring peace to the Middle East is to establish a Confederation which will include a Palestinian State in the West-Bank and the Gaza Strip, the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan.

       Today, each of the Israeli leaders proclaims a "peace and security" motto, however, nobody explicitly suggests how to implement this. It is the obligation of these leaders to deliberate how to reach the desired peace. For the sake of all the peace and security, justice and prosperity supporters we suggest a draft of Confederation Agreement between Israel, Palestine and Jordan, which is the first step in a larger scale project of the Middle East Common Market.

       One of the mistakes made in peace negotiations by the two sides, Israeli and Palestinian, was to put 'gradualism' as the basis for the peace process. The right way to move forward was to adopt a 'reverse engineering' approach, where the parties would agree first on what they want to reach in the permanent settlement, and only then decide what steps and processes to take to achieve the target. Gradualism, however, is a phase by phase progress, with no agreement and no reference to the final result. This approach is wrong, especially in light of the imbalance of power between the two sides, and time after time contributed to the failure of the negotiations. When the peace agreement will be reached, there will be no need in transfer, and people will live in any place within the confederation. Will be no violence, no borders, no fences. Will be freedom of religion for all religions, free movement of people and goods within the confederation. When the Common Market will be established, diplomatic relations will be established and there will be economic collaboration. The tourism will be increased and free movement of people and goods within the Common Market will be established.

       We address all politicians, all academic and public bodies who support the "peace and confederation" agreement in the Middle East region and worldwide, to suggest concrete improvements to this document. We will do our best to examine your suggestions, and if found appropriate by publishers of this draft, they will be included in future revisions.

       When the draft is completed, it will be conferred to the confederation and world leaders.

David Myr,

Israel-Palestine-Jordan Confederation Friends.